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Dragon Printed Transparent Shirt

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Product description:

  • Very good elastic 40 pieces of Modal, splicing elastic hexagonal diamond mesh.
  • The front piece printed pointy ceratosaurus skull three-dimensional pattern.
  • The back hem stitching with skull tail shape lace,hand stitched sharp nails on it.
  • Side slit and stitching with herringbone shape braid,corns through the chain.

Product ID card:

  1. Brand:Devil fashion
  2. Style:dragon printed dragon-tail transparent lace back punk summer women sleeveless vest
  3. Item No:TT017
  4. Fabric:COTTON 95% SPANDEX 5%
  5. Color:Black
  6. Size:XS-L/XL-4XL
  7. Weight: 0.3KGS