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Black and Red Punk Lace Up Plaid Skirt

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Product description:

  • The main material is made of Scottish plaid, the waist is used leather as the ingredients.
  • The left and right asymmetrical design, the right bag can be removed.
  • The middle waist is smocked, pleated on both sides.
  • Self-hung pendant in center front, chain decoration on both sides, rubber band smocked stitched in center back waist, adjustable rope.

Product ID card:

  1. Brand:Devil fashion
  2. Style:Daily black and red young girls punk lace up Scottish plaid Tartan skirts with bag
  3. Item No:SKT110
  5. Color:Black
  6. Size:XS-S/M-L/XL-2XL/3XL-4XL
  7. Weight: 0.65KGS